If You Don’t Think Your Kids Need A Dog After Seeing These Pics, You Must Be A Cat

Best friends
Best friends

Kids and dogs can be great friends with the right connection and a little common-sense training. Children can learn valuable lessons about how to care for other living things, be responsible, kind and patient.

Dogs of course get an energetic playmate who can keep them entertained for hours on end, however they can find kids annoying at times too, so it’s important to teach respect! Things like personal space, the right kind of petting and leaving the dog to eat in peace are important messages to get across to your kids, because nobody wants to risk getting a little bite. Like us, pups can only take so much and are prone to snap if they are pushed too hard.

However, kids and dogs have so much in common that this is a pretty rare occurrence. They are much more likely to be the bestest buddies in the world! Scroll down below to see how this beautiful friendship can blossom, in a series of super cute pics compiled by Bored Panda. We asked our readers to send in their fave snaps of their children with their puppy-pals, and boy did they come through with some heart-melters. If you missed out don’t worry, feel free to add your own in the comments!

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No, There Will Not Be Any Civil War In America

by Caitlin Johnstone

I know I’m usually the one urgently warning everybody of the dangers of nuclear holocaust, climate chaos and plutocratic tech dystopia, but there’s one disaster I keep seeing people worrying themselves about which absolutely will not happen. I’d like to take a minute to set everyone’s mind at ease about the prospect of civil war erupting in the United States, either between liberals and conservatives or between the people and the state, so that we can focus on the actual real problems we need to deal with.

For months I’ve been seeing people on both the left and right side of America’s imaginary political divide talking about the possibility of the divisiveness in US politics leading to large-scale violence, and a recent high-visibility tweet by Kim Dotcom makes me feel like I should probably talk about this sooner rather than later to help prevent yet another phantom boogieman from gumming up the gears of political discourse.

“I’m calling it,” Dotcom stated. “The conflict between left and right is now so inflamed that we need to start worrying about violence. Can you feel the anger? It’s reaching a boiling point.”

On a personal note my interest in western involvement in the Syrian war has given me a reflexive distaste for any high-profile foreigner talking up a civil war in a country that they do not belong to, but more to the point, Dotcom is just plain wrong here. There will not be any civil war in the United States as it exists today. Maybe if the country and its power dynamics change in an unimaginably drastic way that could become a risk, but as things are right now there is exactly zero probability of any large-scale civil warfare happening in America.”

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Are Vaccines Causing Infertility? The Shocking Reality! Stealth Mode Population Reduction …

As a reader of history and keen observer of current affairs I have long been aware of the growing #depopulation movement popularised by notables like prince Philip, prince William, Bill Gates, Thomas Malthus, Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich, explorer Jacques Cousteau, Mikhail Gorbachev, Dr. Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and global organisations like the UN, Family Planning, the Sierra Club and WWF among many others.

To most of us, the idea that governments would knowingly and willingly commit #democide to fulfil such an apparent insane agenda proposed by some influential people and organisations  sounds utterly implausible and would be dismissed as some weird conspiracy theory.

That is, until you start doing some research yourself only to find that wilful depopulation and mass murder has been part and parcel of population ‘herd’ management by rulers and even churches for centuries. History abounds with examples of such extreme measures.

In this article in the Liberty Beacon, Roger Landry  comprehensively illustraties some of the depopulation measures that are being carried out right now, under our very noses, by governments and big business. He writes among other things:

Since the mid 1960s the fertility rate in the USA has dropped off a cliff … approaching an almost 50% decline, and this is in lock step with the rise in vaccinations administered to the same population.

If a layman such as myself can find abundant researched based information showing this obvious connection (see multiple links below article) … can you really believe for even a moment that our government with its almost infinite resources, is not aware of this?

And if you believe that if they are aware … Why has NOTHING been done to rectify this situation? Why is it not even a topic of discussion via entities such as the CDC or the FDA … or any government agency … The real question here is … Do they even want to … ???

Can you possibly understand that being aware of this connection, this very government is pushing hard through employer pressure or proposed and existing laws to make these mechanisms of sterility … MANDATORY!

And the worst slap in the face to all of us is that the very companies that produce and distribute this poison to the propagation of humanity, have been granted total immunity from prosecution by this very government …

Are you angry yet? Because it gets worse … MUCH WORSE!”




Message to Woolworths

My message to Woolworths, one of Australia’s food retail giants, via their Facebook page today asking:

“Instead of exposing me to genderbending BPA and other toxins every time I handle a Woolworths receipt please send it to me via email.
Would only take a couple of lines of code and you have all my details already.

Now that is progress…”

I’ll keep you posted on any replies received

— Barefoot Warrior



The US is Executing a Global War Plan

Under the direction of the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex the US #NeoCon hegemony is desperately hanging on to the illusion of world-power or what is left of it. Like all fading empires throughout history before them, US actions and measures being taken are becoming more and more desperate, illegal and reckless.

Mankind’s future and very survival is at stake. When will the people of the US wake up? When will US allies withdraw their support for this madness? They ultimately hold the real power and can change this Armageddon like future in a flash.

I quote the author of the linked article, Finian Cunningham:

The world is again on a precipice as it was before on the eve of the First and Second World Wars. Capitalism, imperialism and fascism are again center stage.

As analyst Randy Martin puts it: “The American rulers are coming out of the closet to show their true naked nature of wanting to wage war on the world. Their supremacist, militarist ideology is, incontrovertibly, fascism in action.”



The Twisted Ideology Behind the Talmudic Zionist Wars for the JNWO

“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” -The American Hebrew Magazine, 1920

Of course this quote from a 1920 issue of the American Hebrew Magazine needs to be updated and rephrased to better suit our understanding of the facts of the matter. This would be my version of the statement for today:

“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of #Zionist planning and Zionist dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.”

Lets not make the mistake of blaming all Jews for the satanic machinations of a handful of #Khazar families who converted to Babylonian Talmudism around 740 AD and then proceeded to infiltrate and own the power and financial structures of our world. They are not ethnic Hebrews like most Palestinians are. Unfortunately, as Judaism considers the maternal line as the determining factor of ‘Jewishness’, most modern Khazarian Zionists have married true Jewish women to be able to claim maternal lineage to Judea.

This video by Willem Felderhof will shake many beliefs and hopefully open many eyes to the imminent dangers to our world posed by the Satanic political Zionist machinations changing the face of our future and threatening our very survival.




Have We All Gone Mad and Forgotten Who Works For Whom?!

Straight talking Claudia Stauber in her latest Cabin Talk presentation spells it out for our US friends: Get Involved and don’t let them get away with it.

While she talks about your rights as a citizen of the US State of Vermont, I would really like to hear from you what the (legal and rights) situation is in your neck of the woods.

Click for all Claudia’s Cabin Talk videos on BitChute.com and give YouTube the flick.

From a post on steemit.com by @blogstar:
“Claudia is also the founder of Happy Heart Sanctuary; a farm sanctuary in the making for animals that have nobody rooting for them. She and the sanctuary partners are dedicated animal nuts that volunteer their time and money. If you’d like to make a donation, you may do so at:http://www.happyheartsanctuary.org/ registered 501(c)(3

The Sanctuary’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/happyheartsanctuary/about/

Link to original post on steemit.com.



Real Health or Health Politics?

A recent post by Cassie Ito on her Facebook page arguing for a Single Payer health care system for California of course solicited some comment from me and, inevitably some replies.

One such replies was detailed and extensive and deserves a considered response by me and I quote:

This is a neoliberal (every man for himself, I’ve got mine, screw you if you haven’t) position. There are many, many things that affect our health that are not in our control, unless we happen to be multimillionaires or billionaires, and possibly not even then. There is environmental pollution, which is nearly impossible to avoid completely. I’m thinking of air, water, and soil, and indoor air pollution, from stuff we clean with, personal hygiene products, the toxins in the clothes we wear, and flame retardants in furniture, and whether or not our living space has exposure to fresh, unpolluted air. In fact, things that affect indoor air quality are too numerous to list in a short response.

Also your stance is a typical male screed, that ignores mothers’ need for prenatal care. Presumbly you had a mother, and a lot of your present-day health is due to your mother’s stringent avoidance of toxins and stress, while you were in the womb, and during your formative ages, 0-5 years. Also, you may not be aware that present mothers’ umbilical cords are contaminated with at least 200 industrial chemicals, which means babies born today already carry a huge body burden of potential carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.”

Of course my argument is completely a-political and argues for a complete reappraisal of what I consider to be a fatally flawed and failing system of health care, or better called ‘disease care’, currently enjoyed or rather suffered by most in the western world.

To get a better understanding we need to briefly look at the history of the current health care paradigm. In the late 1800’s a major conference held in Paris firmly established the guild of surgeons as the supreme (health) authority while the thereto influential guild of herbalists became a much maligned underdog.

But while the surgeons have managed to maintain their hegemony their authority was soon challenged by a completely artificial construct put forward by the mighty Rockefeller family and their cronies who saw a great business opportunity for the completely artificial treatment modality with medicine and drugs mostly derived and manufactured from their very own petrochemical-assets.

Now known colloquially as #BigParms, these super multinational corporations owned by the same Rockefellers and their cronies have continually sought to discredit every healing modality or cure that could not be patented to ensure their continuing profits. Simple natural substances that actually cured disease like Borax, the supressed arthiritis cure and iodine while a long lasting war against #Homeopaty continues to rage even today. On the one hand the pundits of petrochemical medicine claim Homeopathy could not possibly work because the quantities of active substances in Homeopathic remedies are almost immeasurable but on the other hand they keep trying to silence practitioners of Homeopathy likely because in fact Homeopathy represents a real threat to their obscene profit margins.

That BigPharma has even resorted to murder to silence influential adversaries is no secret among those who keep an eye on their affairs, like health researcher, journalist and campaigner Erin Elizabeth who has, to date, recorded and documented 83 suspicious deaths of doctors, researchers scientists and journalists that were perceived to be a threat to BigPharma.

While we see user pay health care (US) and social public health care (UK, AU) not just failing but becoming so expensive that the cost of maintaining a public health system may soon bankrupt the economies of many western nations as it is already bankrupting 1000’s of individuals in those countries ‘blessed’ with a user-pay system like the US.

Even billionaires like Apple’s Steve Jobs have not been able to buy health or a cure at any price. Bucket-loads of money don’t help if you don’t understand the principles of real, natural health.

Finally I cannot finish this post without reflecting on the accusations of some political bias in my writing. I have been accused of being a #NeoCon for suggesting people should start taking responsibility for their own health to get out of the hands of BigPharma and the #MedicalMafia.

Nothing could be further from the truth, I thoroughly despise those who subscribe to the artificial construct called #NeoCon which, cleverly exploited by the #MilitaryIdustrialComplex, will inevitably lead to the complete extinction of mankind through thermonuclear war and social upheaval and chaos. Just as much as I despise the, again artificial social Marxist model where the state becomes the all powerful nanny who, ultimately, can only maintain control by further curbing personal freedom and by having to institute harsher and harsher dictatorial measures to maintain their authority. History is rife with accounts of failed socialist experiments which mostly eventually descended into brutal and bloody dictatorships.

Instead my political agenda prescribes that the individual first take real responsibility for their own actions and health management and then, as they are likely the last remaining individuals capable of such, spend their time in the service of their immediate and extended families and their immediate communities. Without judgment, just by example.

— Barefoot Warrior