Natural Dogs

What are Natural Dogs?

  • #Natural_Dogs may be compared to #organic fruit and vegetables. Natural dogs have not ingested nor have they been injected with dubious, questionable and seriously toxic #BigPharma #snake_oil #concoctions and highly profitable products sold using fear to stimulate the purchase decision in their carers.
  • Natural Dogs are fed a mostly raw diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and pulses, raw meat, coconut meat and virgin coconut oil. Natural dogs are wormed with a home-made, age old, broad spectrum herbal formula and get a number of natural herbal and mineral supplements that help to achieve optimal health and vigor. Among the four remaining pups from the last litter we raised, we have not seen a SINGLE SICK-DAY in 14 months.
  • Natural dogs are trained and disciplined with unconditional love based on careful observation and full attention. Because their diet does not contain stimulants and sugars generally found in commercial dog food, natural dogs do not display fear and anxiety, OCD (Obsessive¬† Compulsive Disorder) or other bad habits.
  • Natural dogs are friendly and tolerant, playful and happy. Always have a healthy wet nose and fresh breath but have no fleas or worms or skin conditions. Their stools are always moist but firm and do not smell offensive

    From time to time I will write here further about the specifics of the above mentioned points as well as share with you posts that I find from reputable sources that support my hypothesis.

You can always find the Natural Dogs’ posts by following the hashtag #natural_dogs on this site for now but hopefully on many other sites in time.

Post your comments or (serious) questions below this page.

— Barefoot Warrior

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