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A Daily Dose of Turmeric Boosts Your Memory and Improves Mood

Barefoot Warrior comments: 5000 years of documented medicinal use of Turmeric and yet #BigPharma has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the secret of #Curcumin from leaking out and taking a firm hold of the people’s imagination. There can be only one reason why BigPharma would behave so contrary to the interests of patients, […]

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See Yourself Well

by Kelly Brogan, MD Forty-five percent less blood loss during spinal surgery.1 Sounds good, right? How’d they do it? Some new intraoperative technique or device? Some promising pharmaceutical product that supports coagulation? Nope. These patients simply visualized less blood loss before surgery. That’s it. I read this study during my medical training, and it has […]