BFW Communications Center

Barefoot Warrior (BFW) now offers secure and encrypted discussion rooms, file sharing, P2P encrypted chat, telephony (VoIP) and Video calling from all Matrix protocol compatible apps for IOS/Android/Web or Desktop. See for an overview of available apps.

Chat now P2P with Editor or Webmaster or join the BFW chat room.
BFW chat room:

If you choose the for your mobile or desktop device, follow the instructions below:

Sign Up or Sign In on the app
Choose ‘Sign In’ if you have an account on a matrix server or Choose ‘Sign Up’ to create an account on a server like
Choose account type an register or login
Choose ‘Advanced/other ‘ if you wish to create your account on . Change the server name to
Fill in a user name, password (2x), email (so that you can retrieve a lost password) and your phone number (so that others may call you (VoIP) or start a Video Chat.

Or choose ‘Free’ to create an account on You can still chat to anybody at

Have a good look at the homepage of to see that we are dealing with a very capable group of Open Source developers.

Feel free to leave a comment or question in the form below.

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