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I have been designing web pages and web sites since the early days of the Internet in the 90’s when all HTML had to be coded by hand. This experience has given me a broad and detailed insight into the behind-the-scenes processes that now power the Internet and help to make the right design and technical decisions.

While I have a special talent for the technical side of web design, the famous WordPress CMS now helps to take aesthetics and appeal of my web sites to an entirely new level. It may be of special interest to note here that WordPress is estimated to power some 30% of ALL web sites on the Internet, including many big name billion dollar businesses

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Combine the above WordPress CMS power with a carefully selected number of WordPress plugins to ensure that your web site is fast and secure, is search engine friendly (SEO), provides useful statistics and allows for easy non-technical content creation and editing and, as they say, Bob’s your uncle,

But, there is always a but is there not? Web design and development is, and will continue to be, a part time sideline while I concentrate, finally, after so many years on those things i originally set up the Alternative News Network (altnews) group of web sites for: News… Alternatives…

News you probably will not see on the cartel controlled main stream media (MSM) propaganda channels. News that will help to complete the picture about what is really going on with #GeoPolitics, The real news behind the world wide health monopoly and the alternative options they are so keen to hide and suppress.

So, if in spite of the above you still wish to talk to me about a web site then please contact me via one of the channels listed on the altnews.org/contact page. I will always get excited about a good idea.

Barefoot Warrior

Thank you for reading so far,

— Barefoot Warrior