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  • Manuka Honey Effective Against Antibiotic Resistant MRSA

    Editor comments A recent bout of mild so called ‘#kennel_cough’ suffered by three of our dogs was successfully nipped in the bud with a daily tablespoon of #Manuka_Honey. And boy, did they love it, too. They’d line up with eager eyes obediently waiting for their turn to lick the […]

  • The collective experiment on planet Earth

    Barefoot Warrior comments: By a stroke of luck, I escaped most of the mindless conditioning and brainwashing inflicted on our young by a state sponsored education system and a truly soul destroying power grab by organised religion. How ineffective and corrupt  the resulting […]

  • Holism, Health and Cannabis

    Barefoot Warrior’s comment: If anyone in my area is aware of a Holistic doctor who practices integrative and nutritional medicine then PLEASE let me know. It is so tiring to have to waste time over and over with another #allopatic practitioner who, these days, seems to go by the same script: […]




  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! The post Hello world! appeared first on EcoNudes. […]




Natural Living

A collection of topics and posts about Natural Living drawn mostly from my own experience and life-long research.

Natural Health – coming soon

Natural Big Boy Arnie
Natural Big Boy Arnie

Natural Dogs are dogs that, like organic fruit and vegetables, are not subject to the vagaries of modern science-for-profit ideologies that seem to pervade society’s attitudes to animal care.

Natural recipes – a collection of recipes for a healthy body, natural food, chemical free cleaning and washing mostly drawn from real life as I live it.




This ‘About’ page is likely to change as inspiration strikes…
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Why Barefoot Warrior?
On the 2nd of May 2009 I decided to go barefoot 100% of the time regardless of social custom or community expectations for two principal reasons:

  • Health: To be firmly grounded, in an increasingly artificial world under a continuous barrage of electromagnetic pollution, seemed a reasonable proposition. After all, we, as a species, evolved in close and continuous electrical contact with our mother earth so to throw up artificial barriers to that contact seemed counter intuitive. As it turns out, going barefoot is not just beneficial to health but also super good for your brain Two interesting posts highlighting these findings: barefoot benefits brain development:and going barefoot for brain health
  • Politics: I would not call myself a ‘warrior’ if I was not motivated to fight for political and social change and indeed friends and family will readily testify that I have been a bit of a rebel all my life. When you believe that to survive the onslaught of the capitalist technocracy at all you must drastically simplify your lifestyle and withdraw all financial and other support from those institutions and industries that you perceive to be a threat to mankind’s future. Some of the target subjects I will write about here are #BigEnergy, #BigPharma, #BigFood, #MilitaryIndustrialComplex, #BigAg, #BigGovernment and so forth, you will get my drift. What better way to show your disdain for their sacred places and luxury temples of worship than to enter barefoot and walk all over them?So this will be a very personal blog where I share
  • my comments on the news, politics and philosophy,
  • recipes for home made household cleaners and
  • natural dog-food for natural dogs,
  • lament about the increasingly sorry state of the western world’s health,
  • fake health science-for-profit and the politics of health and health care.

This among many other things that will tickle my fancy from time to time.

Progressively over the next few weeks all my other sites will be redirected here.

Stay tuned…

Barefoot Warrior

Photo credit: Robert Reid, first published in the Courier Mail with an article about independent Senate candidates for Queensland 1990